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Second Chance Golf is a used golf ball business. Our core competency is to SOURCE, GRADE, PACKAGE, MARKET & SELL used golf balls of a consistent quality at reasonable prices. We do not REFURBISH the balls; we merely clean them and professionally package them.

Second Chance's stock consists of a full range of used golf balls, from as new ProV1s to range and practice balls. The best condition balls, the so called one hit wonders, are priced at half their new price as sold by golf retailers. Our price then reduces depending on the quality of the ball. Like quality balls are packaged together and sold at the same price per ball.

SUPPLIERS are a huge part of our business. Second Chance is proud to support 60 to 80 people per week who bring us stock. They are often unemployed with their sole source of income from the ball sales to us. Because we consistently pay them a fair and reasonable price they keep supplying us and we keep supporting them in their daily battle called life. We are one of the few operators in the supposed up market industry who have a meaningful BEE component.

Second Chance retails from a small shop on Jan Smuts Avenue just off William Nicol Drive in Joburg. We also deliver countrywide to our phone and on line shoppers at minimal extra cost.

You can find out more about us by emailing golf@secondchance.co.za to receive a product and price list.

We look forward to providing big savings and great service to our customers.

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